21 October 2013

[ENGLISH] How to Stay Safe in a Cheap Hotel

Original Source: WikiHow (How to Stay Safe in a Cheap Hotel)

If you're on a tight travel budget, sometimes you can't avoid staying at a cheap hotel in an undesirable location. No matter the reason, a few simple precautions can ensure your stay is as safe and comfortable as possible.


Ask for a room on a lower floor, in case of fire. In the event of an emergency, you can simply walk outside or through the lobby rather than having to find the stairs in the dark. However, some may feel more safe in a room on a higher floor, which is further out of reach from burglars, if the area is a high crime zone.
  • Trace your route to the fire exit and memorize it. It's always better to do it first thing when you check into your room, not when you need to evacuate in a fire.
  1. 2
    Try to reserve an inner facing room, or one that is away from the street. The less public access to your room, the better.
  1. 3
    Look around your room before you lock yourself in for the night. Make sure you're alone by checking curtains, behind doors, closets, the bathroom, etc.
  1. 4
    Check the lock on your door and make sure it works properly. If it doesn't, use your own padlock or at the very least, prop a sturdy chair against the door.
  1. 5
    Lock the windows in your room at night if you are located below the second floor. Keep the curtains drawn at as well. If the breeze helps you sleep, consider bringing a small fan to put on the nightstand, or use the air conditioner.
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    Ensure that your door is locked when you are in your room. Never open it unless you personally know the person who is knocking. If someone claims to be sent from housekeeping, call the front desk to validate if a staff member was actually sent to your room.
  1. 7
    Carry the hotel's card or address with you when you leave. It will help make sure you find your way back, especially at night.
Bring any luggage you have with you into the room. Avoid leaving it locked in your car in the hotel parking lot.


  • Always keep a flashlight by your bed or in your shoe. If fire breaks out, most lights go out. A flashlight may save your life by pointing you in the right direction.
  • Portable latches are available to make sure your door locks. If you don't have one, bring along a simple plastic doorstop. It will keep anyone from entering your room.

  • If your hotel is particularly downtrodden and you're a young woman on her own, look out for peepholes.
  • Trust your instincts. If the hotel or hostel somehow feels unsafe, move on. There are plenty more.

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