8 October 2013

[ENGLISH] The 5 Cheapest Travel Destinations

Source: CNN Travel

One traveler's economic crisis is another's budget holiday. Take advantage of the newfound affordability of these five countries

cheapest holiday destinations
Get revenge on the global recession by taking these countries for less than they're worth.
Signs of global economic recovery are glimmering, but are they enough to justify taking a major vacation?
Well, it depends on where you live. Not everyone is recovering, making now the ideal time for those who are to visit some traditionally expensive or even off-limits countries.
Staying atop current trends in the travel industry, combined with knowing its jargon, can put a once-elusive holiday within reach.
For instance, look for words like “cost structure” (i.e., insultingly cheap local labor) during research, as well as “distressed inventory” (i.e., time’s running out on these flights and hotel rooms).
For the value-hunting traveler, we’ve assembled some travel ideas with the help of professionals and economists who know what’s trending.
While there may be other, more affordable destinations overall, these five are the best values in travel right now.

1) Mexico

mexicoBesides the prices, there's also the advantage of more beach space per vacationer.

Advance bookings to Mexico for the Legacy Travel agency are their strongest in 15 years, according to its Vice President, Catherine Banks.
“Cost structure is different than most other places,” says Banks, meaning Mexico is inherently cheap.
But combine that with the negative publicity of widespread drug violence (hundreds of kilometers from its most popular tourist spots) and a weak European economy that’s starving Mexico of its customary visitor base, and this country’s ready to make a deal.
According to Banks, “In Cancun and Riviera Maya, there are more five-star resorts than the Caribbean and Hawaii combined, and the price isn’t close to the same.”
And now they’re sitting empty. 
Currency conditions: The peso’s been weaker and inflation low in recent months, according Senior Currency Strategist Eric Viloria. So your money should stretch out quite a bit.

2) Thailand

thailandThere are enough statues in Bangkok for everyone, as long as photographers take turns.

Eager to regain tourism lost to the political unrest and flooding of 2011, Thailand is closing itself out at rock-bottom prices.
“Summer shoulder season (the narrow window between the low and high seasons) seems to be slower than usual," says Tony Cardoza, President of Cardoza-Bungey Travel.
"As a result, we see very good four- and five-star hotels and resorts offering deals.”
That means even cheaper accommodations at the lower ends.
Currency conditions: The Australian dollar goes over 100 percent further in Thailand than at home, according to The Economist's Big Mac index, and the euro and U.S. dollar rate almost as favorably.

3) Myanmar (Burma) 

myanmarPolitically unrestful but restful for the traveler.

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar could have picked a more profitable time in world economic history to open itself to outsiders, but its delayed departure from despotism is the traveler's gain.
“Burma today is similar to Southeast Asia of 20 years ago,” says Steven Larkin, President ofIntrepid Travel, North America.
But the plan going forward may be to go a higher-end route in the development of tourism than neighboring Thailand, so the time is now for a cheap, ethical trip, before even the first Starbucks moves in.
This is the cheapest Myanmar will ever be.
Currency conditions: Burma restructured its currency in early April, turning a fixed rate of 6.4 kyat per U.S. dollar to a floating rate of over 800 kyat per U.S. dollar. This should make exchange rates more reliable, but make sure to bring lots of paper money: Myanmar is still largely cash-only.

4) Egypt

egyptSharm El Sheikh is as relaxing as it ever was. And now it will also be less stressful for your wallet.

Here’s that distressed inventory we talked about. Tasteless as it may sound, the Arab Spring may have enabled your spring break, driving down demand and prices right along with it.
“The overall sentiment is that resort areas like Sharm El Sheik are very safe,” says a spokesperson for, “but most vacationers appear to prefer traveling to Turkey and other destinations that haven’t seen as much civil unrest.”
That preference has made Egypt a buyer’s market. The drop in demand has another benefit: smaller crowds.
“Clients going now have been able to get pictures of themselves in front of the pyramids with no other tourists blocking the view," says Cardoza.
Your window may be closing, though; presidential elections are looming.
Currency conditions: The Egyptian pound is sinking like a stone in recent futures trading, foreshadowing a devaluation of up to 50 percent or more. While that benefits foreign currency holders, it can also lead to inflation, making travel plans to Egypt even more urgent.

5) Greece

greeceHonestly though -- how could a place like this ever be less in demand?

All of the turmoil in Greece has weakened tourist demand and, in turn, prices -- for the present -- but it’s uncertainty about the future that’s really driving down travel costs.
Right now, many travelers are betting that already low rates will drop further should Greece fall out of the euro, so they’re delaying plans to visit there. This self-perpetuating drop in demand will depress prices even more in the meantime.
As for the drawbacks, Hotwire’s spokesperson says flying through Athens is a bit risky in terms of service reliability. However, there has been an increase in air service directly to many of the larger island destinations, which are free of the unrest and demonstrations of the mainland, according to John Clifford of Just make sure you hurry, while they still have roads and stuff.
Currency conditions: The euro fell to a 16-month low against the US dollar earlier this year, a trend that Viloria sees continuing as debt concerns mount.

Bonus destination: Spain

spainIt's win-win: Spain gets your travel dollars and you get a great value holiday.

“Spain has economic concerns similar to those of Greece, so many travelers are holding off on visitation for the same reasons,” says Hotwire’s spokesman. Substitute “Greece” for "Spain" in the entry above, and read again. 


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